The Benefits of Boarding

Ross School offers two residential options for students in grades 6–12: full-time and five-day boarding. Ross’s boarding program functions as students’ "home away from home.” Designed to provide students with a nurturing atmosphere, Ross boarding houses are luxurious single-family homes where Ross faculty and staff serve as house parents in a safe, welcoming living environment. Boarding life at Ross introduces students to other cultures, prepares young people for the increased independence and responsibility of university academics, and sparks lifelong friendships.

Develops independence
Ross School boarding students cultivate independence under the guidance of our supportive faculty and staff house parents while enjoying the camaraderie of the school’s robust residential community.

Allows for deeper relationships with peers and mentors
Whether sharing meals at the Ross Café or supervising homework and leisure time in the boarding houses, our residential program affords students opportunities to create lasting bonds with students and faculty members.

Enhances academic focus through an immersive learning experience
Ross School’s structured academic day, which includes opportunities for extra academic help, homework sessions with classmates, and time to participate in extracurricular activities allows students to focus on campus in order to be fully present during time with their families.

Preserves continued quality time with family for 5-day boarders
Five-day boarding enables students to return home on weekends, which ensures that maintain continuity with their family and home community.


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