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For students entering grades 7–12 who live outside of eastern Long Island, Ross School now offers two boarding options. Students may choose to board at the school full-time, or for five days a week. The boarding program is a wonderful opportunity for students to prepare for the increased independence and responsibility of college academics and to share their own unique background and experiences with others.

Five-day boarders are able to participate fully in the Ross experience, including athletics and extracurricular clubs. Meals are taken at the renowned Ross Café, and students can work with partners on class projects, perform in concerts, and join study sessions on weeknights, and then return to their families on weekends for the best of both worlds.

Full-time boarders enjoy the same experiences during the week, as well as partaking in a range of activities both on and off campus on the weekends. Weekend offerings may include recreational sports tournaments, local shopping, movies, amusement parks, or trips to New York City for a show, museums, or exploration.

Boarding students reside in luxurious family-style houses with faculty house parents. They follow the same daily program of study as day students, with the added dimension of intercultural interactions and dialogues to enhance the Ross experience.

Boarding Life
Learning to live away from home and to be independent is a major milestone for any teenager. The Ross boarding houses are designed to give students a home-like feeling, complete with spacious bedrooms, private bathrooms, a living room, kitchen and study rooms. Ross faculty house parents reside in the boarding houses to create a safe, welcoming living environment. The house parents are accessible to parents and work closely with both the Director of Student Life and teachers to ensure students are doing well. Ross boarding students have a strong support network on which to rely, including house parents, faculty, ESOL teachers and the Director of Residential Life. Living in a boarding house with students from all over the world is an exciting and educational experience.

English for Speakers of Other Languages
Students are integrated into the School’s unique Spiral Curriculum while improving their English proficiency through placement in skills-appropriate ESOL classes. The three levels in the ESOL program—Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced—are designed to meet the needs of a variety of students and allow greater flexibility in the program. The goal of the ESOL program is to move students to English fluency as quickly as possible so that they can be successful in the mainstream, college preparatory program at Ross School.

The Hamptons
Ross School enjoys an ideal setting on the East End of Long Island, a place where magnificent beaches and breathtaking natural beauty are the norm. The Hamptons offers a relaxed pace, clean air, friendly community and many country pleasures. It also happens to be near one of the world’s most exciting cities, New York City, and three major international airports. Boarding students from the New York City area are able to commute home on the weekends by train or bus.

While Ross students become deeply involved in the local community they are also encouraged to take advantage of the vibrant culture of New York City. Easily accessible by bus, train or car, the city’s museums, theaters, restaurants, galleries, cafes, bookstores and music venues are an important real-world supplement to in-class learning.

Weekend Activities
Full-time boarders have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of weekend activities that take advantage of our local area and close proximity to New York City. Regional sporting events, museums, galleries, theaters, shopping, bowling, movies, karaoke, sailing, surfing and biking are just some of the many activities offered on the weekends. Students have sufficient time on the weekends to enjoy activities as well as to study and unwind.

We welcome your inquiry and application to the Ross School and to the beginning of an exciting new educational journey.
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