Last week was an extremely exciting one for Ross students and staff.


Fun, games, and spirit at Friday’s Pep Rally

Spirit week not only gave students an opportunity to dress down all week, but also helped increase school pride. Class leaders lead their class in advisory throughout the week. We created class banners and class yells. For much of the Ross Student Body, this was their first pep rally. School activities had a great amount of participation, with the majority of each class taking part in games such as Superman Relay, Hula Hoop Relay, Carry the Egg Relay, and the Relay Challenge.

The results of spirit week are as follows:

1st Place:8th grade

2nd Place:11th grade

3rd Place:12th grade

Although seniors did not get first place overall, they won 1st place in the pep rally events. Ross was able to raise $1,000 throughout the week. Student council member Emma Tiedemann answered questions about the results and her opinions of Spirit Week:

Ross Raven: What is the council's opinion of the spirit week participation?

Emma Tiedemann: The council hasn’t met yet to discuss the entirety of spirit week participation but from discussing it with others including the faculty, the participation was good this year but there is always room for more.

RR: What were your inspirations for the themes of spirit week?

ET: This year for spirit week, we wanted to switch up the days while also keeping some of the classics like pajama day. We invented to also keep mix and match day but when brought to the administration it was changed to inside out day. Something new from this year was 90’s day, which had a surprisingly good amount of participation.

RR: What were your inspirations for the activities of the pep rally?

ET: As for the activities, we kept them similar to what we have done in the past, so there wasn’t much inspiration behind those in the student government.

RR: Do you consider the activities of spirit week a success?

ET: I think that there was a great amount of participation from the audience as well the students in the relay races which was very fun to watch! I would say that the pep rally this year was the best I have seen in my time at Ross.

RR: What are your future plans?

ET: In our meeting last week we already started coming up with fun ideas for spirit week next year in order to have just as much or more participation. As for the near future, we are discussing what kind of activities we could hold at school that would get people involved and would love to hear from the student body if they have any ideas.

It’s safe to say that Ross has completed another successful spirit week, and will continue to host weeks of school spirit.