Summer 2018

Don't forget to keep reading over the summer! To view assigned and recommended reading lists, open the appropriate file(s) below.

Upper School Summer Reading List/Assignments (Grades 7–12)
Lower School Summer Reading List (PN–Grade 6)
Lower School Summer Reading Assignment (Grades 3–6)
Lower School Summer Reading Assignment (EC–Grade 2)

Feel free to explore beyond these lists. New York State Libraries have acknowledged the importance of summer reading and have created an extensive digital library for grades pre-K to 8. Access the site by following these directions:

  1. Visit myON Digital Library at
  2. Click the myON Login button.
  3. Enter the following credentials:
    School Name: Suffolk Cooperative Library System
    Username: sclsstudent1 (pre-K to grade 5); sclsstudent6 (grades 6 to 8)
    Password: read

Contact librarians Sinéad Quinlan (EC to grade 6) or Dale Scott (grades 7 to 12) with any questions about the summer reading programs. We hope your family will have fun reading together this summer!