Summer Camp

Early Childhood


Ages 6 and under


Early Childhood campers are introduced to open-ended, developmentally appropriate experiences that facilitate social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth.

Our Early Childhood programming for campers ages 6 and under includes Music and Movement, Creative Explorations, and Sports Explorations. Each day, young campers explore a variety of activities, which might include music, creative dramatics, sports, Jump Start Tennis, yoga, Mandarin Chinese instruction, or gardening. Our Early Childhood camps are taught by skilled and caring teachers and counselors who nurture your child to their full potential. Full-day and half-day programs are available.


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What a Full Day At Ross Early Childhood Camp is Like 


Table Activities: A variety of table activities are offered to the campers as they enter the Camp classroom to aid them in the transition from home to camp.  Some typical activities include: art, play dough, science and nature exploration, puppets, Legos and lots of books. 


Camp Meeting/Interactive Activity: This usually begins with a song and camp style greeting.  This is followed by a game, story or other interactive event that segues into the planned activity of the day. 


Snack: Children will enjoy a healthy snack and water either outside or in the camp room.



Camp Activity: This is varied daily.  It could be a water game, nature hike, a visit to the Science Lab, Library, or outdoor play area.  This activity will take place outside as much as possible.



Camp Specials: These are specially designed just for Early Childhood Campers. They include: Music, Theatre Arts, Wellness (Athletics, Yoga, Jump Start Tennis), Visual Arts, Dance, Gardening and Mandarin.



Lunch in the Wellness Center: The Early Childhood Campers eat lunch in the Ross Café and are served a healthy lunch that is set to please a younger campers palate.



Half-Day Meeting/Dismissal: Part of this may be spent back outside in the play area or in the Camp classroom with an engaging activity. Campers have a Close of the Day Meeting and share ideas and interests of the day. Half-Day Campers are dismissed from the Camp classroom. Full Day Campers continue the day.



Outdoor or Indoor Play/Activities: Activities include arts & crafts, painting & drawing, water table, manipulative toys and story time.



Afternoon Specials: Specials include Jujitsu, Jump-start Tennis, Yoga, Gardening, and Music & Movement.



Free Choice Time: Early Childhood Campers enjoy time playing with their friends. Instructors and Counselors facilitate fine and gross motor activities, sensory bins – water table, texture table, art, science, pretend play (e.g. dress up) and block play.



End of the Day/Dismissal: Early Childhood Campers gather in the classroom for stories and songs and sharing about their camp day. Full Day Campers are dismissed from the classroom.


Music and Movement

Ages 2 and under

During this interactive program, both caregivers and little ones enjoy the sounds of the world while playfully exploring multicultural musical traditions, instruments, singing, and movement. Each class is designed to nurture development in both infants and toddlers through a series of music and movement, while building a larger understanding of the world around them.

Schedule: 11:00am–12:00pm


Creative Explorations

Age 2

Schedule: Half Day Only

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Creative Explorations

Ages 3–4

Schedule: Full or Half Day


Creative Explorations

Ages 5–6

Schedule: Full or Half Day

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For additional information, email or call 631-907-5555

Note that all dates and sessions are subject to change.  

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