This summer, immerse yourself in a new language, learn new skills, train with renowned tennis pros, or conduct hands-on research.


Boarding and day programs for ages 12–18

At Summer Term @Ross, learning and fun go hand in hand! Students can further their education, learn a new language, make friends, train with renowned tennis professionals, conduct hands-on research in engineering, design, and marine science, and dive into summer fun in the Hamptons. Each three-week session balances rigorous academic courses with relaxation and time at the beach, cultural events, shopping, and day trips to vibrant New York City.

Join our world-class program located in safe, idyllic East Hampton, New York. Our unique offerings balance rigorous academic courses with relaxation and time at the beach, cultural events, shopping, and day trips to vibrant New York City. Studying at Ross while also exploring the Hamptons and surrounding areas is a fantastic and fulfilling way to make friends from around the world and get a head start on realizing your academic potential and preparing for your college experience!

Why Summer Term @Ross?

World-Class Teachers and Mentors

The faculty at Ross are experts in their field. Classes are taught by experienced teachers and professionals, many of whom hold advanced degrees.

Idyllic Location in the Hamptons

Ross School is ideally situated in East Hampton, New York, close to some of the top-rated beaches in the country and set in a safe, pastoral village, which is nevertheless within two hours of New York City, shopping, and cultural events.

Project-Based Learning

A Ross education incorporates hands-on, real-world activities to increase relevance for students and to create a more authentic learning environment.

Gorgeous Boutique Accommodations

Ross boarding houses are spacious, beautiful, and luxurious Hamptons-style homes. There is plenty of room to hang out with friends, study in quiet, and interact with students and faculty members. The Ross Café serves a variety of delicious, filling, healthful meals in an architecturally beautiful environment.


Afternoon elective classes complement students’ academic studies pursued in the mornings and early afternoons, and give them the opportunity to develop talents and skills in other fields according to their interests. This year’s electives include Art, Culinary Arts, Digital Music, Tennis, TOEFL Prep, and Surfing. Students also engage in a variety of Wellness classes.

Weekend Fun

Experience a variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities, including trips to the movies; visits to the popular local beaches; excursions to New York City for Broadway shows, museums, and shopping; and cookouts and pool parties.


Student Life


Summer Term boarding students are served breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the exemplary Ross Café (lunch only for day students). Meals are nutritious and flavorful, and are prepared using fresh, regional, organic ingredients. Meals include vegetarian options, and accommodations for other dietary requirements are available as well. Students may also order food to be delivered to their boarding houses on occasion, and there are frequent backyard barbecues, picnics on the beach, and other culinary festivities.


Summer Term students enjoy a multitude of world-class facilities on the Ross School campus. Professional tennis courts, a weight room, and playing fields appeal to athletes, while extensive libraries, stunning architecture, and ubiquitous artwork nurture the aesthetic senses. Innovation Lab and Marine Science students carry out their work in specialized, state-of-the-art laboratories, and students pursuing visual and performing arts have access to a variety of studios with technical equipment. All buildings are air-conditioned, providing a welcome respite from the warmth of summer.


Ross boarding houses are designed to make students feel at home, with spacious bedrooms, private bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, and study rooms. Homes are air-conditioned, and most have swimming pools available for students’ entertainment. Laundry facilities are available in the houses as well. Faculty house parents reside in the houses with our boarding students, creating a safe, welcoming, family-style living environment.


Summer Term @Ross is located on the beautiful Ross School campus in East Hampton, New York, about two hours east of New York City.

Safety and Security

At Ross School, the security of our students and faculty is of utmost importance. Our boarding houses and campus are located in a sophisticated small town and are watched over by a well-trained security staff. A full-time nurse is situated on campus, and we have established relationships with a nearby pediatrician and hospital.


Summer Term teachers are experienced educators and experts in their fields who take the time to guide students’ learning in a deep, authentic way. Working intensively with small classes, teachers are able to forge relationships with pupils that enrich their education.

Each boarding house is overseen by two to three house parents who are responsible for students’ safety and well-being. House parents have extensive experience with teenagers and establish supportive relationships with students in their “home away from home.” House parents also connect with students’ parents to keep them apprised of their children’s well-being.


Weekends feature a variety of cultural and entertainment opportunities for students to relax after their studies and bond with peers from around the world.


Registration for Summer Term @Ross is Open

Summer Term @Ross will run six weeks, from July 1 to August 9, 2019.

  • Three-week and six-week sessions available. Choose your electives during the registration process.

  • Boarding and day options available.

  • Programs are subject to change based on enrollment.