Regional, Organic, Seasonal, and Sustainable


Campers enjoy nutritious, wholesome, and flavorful food prepared by the renowned Ross Café. From the locally sourced produce to the compost pile, children actively participate in a natural food cycle that is healthy for them and for the planet.

The Ross Café is conveniently located in the Center for Well-Being on Ross School's East Hampton campus. Sample entrées include pasta with pesto, roasted chicken, turkey meatloaf, whole-wheat quesadillas, beef bolognese, grilled Italian sandwiches, and home-style macaroni and cheese.

Our produce is brought in daily from local and organic farms, and we offer dairy and meat that is hormone- and antibiotic-free. Vegetarian and nondairy options are available, including soy milk.


For additional information, email or call 631-907-5555.