Tennis @Ross

Experience the hallmarks of RSTA, Ross School’s most intensive tennis training program, with community after-school youth and adult programs, private and group lessons, and court rentals.

Ross School Tennis Academy

Ross School Tennis Academy (RSTA) offers an unusual and dynamic program for national and international junior tennis players that combines an engaging, global curriculum with the highest level of competitive tennis training available.



After-School @Ross

At Ross School, the fun doesn’t stop at the final bell! We offer a number of engaging after-school activities for students in grades 1–6. Examples of our enrichment offerings include theater, robotics, horseback riding, chess, tennis, animation, and ceramics.



Summer Camp @Ross

Day programs for ages 14 and under

Our two Summer Camp @Ross locations offer a variety of program choices in sports, science, nature, and the arts. Campers can focus on their favorites, or opt for a sampler by attending One @Ross. 

Summer Camp @Ross runs for eight weeks each summer on both the Bridgehampton and East Hampton campuses.



Summer Term @Ross

Boarding and day programs for ages 12-18

At Summer Term @Ross, learning and fun go hand in hand! Students can further their education, immerse themselves in a new language, make new friends, train with renowned tennis professionals, conduct hands-on research in engineering, design, and marine science, and dive into summer fun in the Hamptons. Each three-week session balances rigorous academic courses with relaxation and time at the beach, cultural events, shopping, and day trips to vibrant New York City.



Lifelong Learning @Ross

In accordance with our mission of creating lifelong learners, Ross School welcomes members from the surrounding community to campus year round. Through our Community Programs office, we offer a variety of adult courses, host prominent speakers, and feature performance events, all of which are open to the public. Additionally, Ross Tennis Center provides local tennis enthusiasts with athletic training and resources such as tennis instruction and court rentals.