Visual Arts

The Ross Visual Arts program aspires to provide an environment that allows students’ creativity to emerge and flourish through the production of art.

Ross Upper School student sketching at her easel, surrounded by replicas of iconic drawings and sculpture.

The Visual Arts Program aims to deepen students’ aesthetic understanding and appreciation of individual works of art and to enhance the study of Cultural History and related subjects through an awareness of the role of art as an embodiment of human consciousness. Working in a studio setting with professional artists, students gain experience with a number of artistic media and technologies and discover the properties of each. Individuality is prized, and students are encouraged to explore options and to discover their own methods. In classroom discussions, students present their artistic intentions and engage in critiques of their own work and the work of their classmates. As each student connects to his or her creative powers, it is hoped that a stronger sense of self and a clearer sense of purpose emerges. The Visual Arts program encourages students to become lifelong creative thinkers and practitioners.