Cultural history is at the core of the Ross School curriculum.

Ross High school student in academic class.

The Ross Spiral Curriculum follows an ascending spiral of historical events plotted chronologically, from prehistory to the future, with the student educationally situated in the center of this expanding form. Ross uses a cultural history lens to examine other disciplines—mathematics, science, world languages and literature, visual arts, performing arts, media and technology, and wellness. This integrated, multidisciplinary approach helps to foster students’ critical-thinking and active problem-solving abilities.

There are more than 100 electives provided for students in grades 9–12, which vary each term and include such offerings as Modern Dance, World Religions, Electronics, and Logic, with yearlong and single-term options. Electives are also offered in grades 7–8 based on students’ interests. Students in good standing whose interests are not found in the offered electives, or those who wish to pursue more in-depth studies in a particular area, may propose independent study under the tutelage of a faculty mentor.