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How to Use Each Form

All School Announcements and School Newsletters - Use either the All School or Lower School forms to submit announcements or news stories to be sent to the entire community, including students and parents. For LS news, simply provide a headline and copy and upload images or documents if you have them. Announcements will be collected and formatted and sent out on a weekly basis while LS newsletters will be sent on a monthly basis. See below for more on Announcements and Newsletters.

Town Hall - Submissions from this form will be held by the leaders of student government and will serve as Town Hall agendas each week.  

Calendar Events - Use this form to add an event to the Ross School General Calendar. Please fill out each field. If it's a one day event, simply make the end date the same as the start date.  

Differences Between Announcements and Newsletters

Announcement emails are purely informative, alerting or reminding the community of upcoming events and important milestones or deadlines. Newsletters provide narratives of events that have taken place on campus or that involve members of the community. Before submitting an announcement or news story, consider which category your submission falls under. Is it a reminder for an upcoming event? Or are you telling a story about something special that happened at Ross?

Note: All School Weekly Announcements will be sent Tuesday of each week and the deadline for submissions is 10am every Tuesday morning.