Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from Ross School, students must successfully complete all core courses. In addition to successfully completing core courses, each student must complete a set of graduation requirements. Work completed in other schools and experiences from outside school are also eligible for application toward Ross School graduation requirements.

Graduation Requirements

  • For each year in attendance for grades 9–12, students must successfully complete the following courses:

    • Cultural History

    • Integrated English and Literature

    • Integrated Science

    • Integrated Arts (applies to grades 9–11)

    • World Language Study: four years of Mandarin or Spanish, or four years of English, depending on students’ native language

  • Over the course of grades 9–12, students must successfully complete the following:

    • Three years of mathematics

    • Participation in one season of an athletic team sport (may be fulfilled by prior schoolwork)

    • One trimester of an Eastern Wellness course

    • One trimester of an English Grammar and Composition course (effective for the Class of 2021 and beyond)

    • Participation in one music, drama, or dance performance in or outside of school (may be fulfilled by prior schoolwork)

    • 60 hours of community service

    • A significant leadership experience in or outside of school demonstrated through documentation and interview

    • An in-depth Senior Project

    • A culminating in-depth assessment of the Spiral of World Cultural History

    • An inquiry-based Science assessment

    • A planning process for postsecondary school success, including appropriate documentation