Field Academy

Field Academy is an opportunity for students and teachers to travel and work on intensive projects during the three weeks between Winter and Spring Terms.


Underwater Photo of Coral and Marine Life from an Educational Travel Experience in Moorea.jpg

Classes and programs in a wide variety of subjects expose students to in-depth study, new interests, possible college/career paths, volunteer opportunities, and recreational pursuits.


Independent study projects may also be proposed. Projects often form the basis for continued study or interaction, expansion into a Senior Project, or the impetus for fundraising or other community service efforts.


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images from this year’s Field Academy


Past Field Academy Courses


The Qasida in Morocco: A Medieval Bedouin’s Journey

Visions of Light: France to Iceland

Art and Identity

Conservation and Biodiversity in Costa Rica

Fiji: Service, Sport, Surfing, and Sustainability

India: The Future Is Now


Southern Italy: Uncovering the Secrets of Ancient Civilizations

The Melting Pot: Exploring Culture and Identity Through Food

Satua Rurung: The Balinese Path to Enlightenment

Musical Theater Workshop

Learning Through Multiple Perspectives: A Field Study in Greece

Riding Camels in Morocco Offers Ross School Students an Opportunity for Cultural Appreciation and Exchange.jpg