From its natural environs to the countless reproductions of art and original artifacts from an array of cultures and historical periods, the Ross campus plays an integral role in a Ross education.

Interior of the Ross High School Building with Statues and Artifacts Relating to the Curriculum .jpg

East Hampton, New York

Ross School inhabits a unique set of spaces that reflect an unparalleled educational and aesthetic standard.

The content of the curriculum is woven into the design of spaces through the use of art and artifacts. Art and artifacts act as a visual and experiential text and are a core component of students’ educational experiences at Ross. Through these design strategies, students quite literally live inside the curriculum.

Students’ surroundings have an enormous impact on their thinking, even at the very basic level of affecting mood and priming the brain for learning. The emphasis of our buildings and grounds is on intention; these are places that waken the senses and inspire people to interact significantly, to inquire broadly and deeply, and to seek the highest of themselves.

A full-size reproduction of  Nike of Samothrace , a Hellenistic sculpture of the Greek goddess of victory located outside the High School building.

The Ross campus is an educational environment that values opportunities for inquiry and fosters a sense of flexibility, curiosity, and experimentation in students.


The school is home to original art, fine reproductions, and artifacts from all over the world, as well as advanced technology, a dining area with a view of the treetops, and well-equipped and versatile spaces for performing arts, science, visual arts, media, and sports spread across a sprawling campus in East Hampton, New York.