The Ross School Café has consistently been recognized as among the best in the world.

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We aim to support regional, organic, seasonal, and sustainable purchasing and culinary practices.



From the Golden Ratio–inspired Spiral Garden outside the Center for Well-Being, to the Café’s dining tables, and then to the compost pile to restart the process, Ross students actively participate in a natural food cycle that is healthy for themselves as well as the planet.

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In addition to being a source of healthful nutrition and social interaction, the Ross Café complements the curriculum with special menus throughout the year. Students partake in foods from historic Islamic, Mayan, Indian, and Mediterranean cultures in support of specific units of study.


Bringing the Golden Ratio to Life

In addition to providing fresh, organic ingredients for Ross Café, the Spiral Garden serves as an educational resource where students learn firsthand about sustainable gardening practices, soil health, cultivation, planting, and harvesting.

The first student-run garden on the East End, the Spiral Garden was initiated by a 2010 Ross alumna. Together with Executive Chef Liz Dobbs, who oversees both the Ross Café and the Spiral Garden, students raised funds and secured donations to create the garden with the help of fellow students, teachers, and community members. The design of the garden incorporates the Golden Ratio, an aesthetic principle found across cultures throughout history.

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Today’s Menu