Something about WIT and RA and how they conceived of the Spiral Curriculum.


More about the concept of the Evolution of Consciousness and Systems Thinking, blah blah blah.

Below is comprehensive introduction the theory and principles behind the Ross Spiral Curriculum. Included here you will find original lectures by founding mentors William Irwin Thompson and Ralph Abraham as well as links to some of their original compositions for the curriculum. Also provided is a an overview of the Evolution of Consciousness Narrative, the story of the development of human culture and its relationship to the earth that serves as the nucleus for the Spiral Curriculum.


1. Introduction

Blah blah blah.


2. Curriculum and Consciousness

Some kind of overview of the WIT’s basic ideas here.


William Irwin Thompson talks to Ross Faculty about the future of consciousness



3. Systems Thinking and Chaos Dynamics

Something about RA and his ideas


Ralph Abraham talks to Ross Faculty about complex systems and sustainability



4. The Evolution of Consciousness Narrative

Some brief overview of the narrative relating back to WIT and RA’s writing. Talk about how it was developed by many experts and teachers and continues to evolve. Link to Spiral and a standalone page telling the whole damn story complete with an ebook for download.