Ross Students Open Exhibition Devoted to Field Academy Coursework


This week, students who participated in Field Academy trips earlier in the year created exhibits about their experiences to be displayed in the Ross Gallery, on the Upper School campus. Field Academy is a mini-term that offers the opportunity for students and teachers to travel and work intensively on group and individual projects during the three weeks between Winter and Spring Terms.

Documentary fieldwork played a significant role in many of the off-campus courses. During their travels to Cambodia and Laos, students confronted issues like societal collapse, ecological degradation, state-based violence, accelerating consumerism, and the tension between traditional culture and economic globalism, capturing their experiences on film. The Visions of Light course served as a filmmaking intensive, with students following in the footsteps of Auguste and Louis Lumiere, the forefathers of French cinema, to make three films during the course of their trip. Over 10 days, the students prepared the schedules, scouted locations, cast local actors, directed, filmed, and edited their productions.


On-campus courses also shared information about their classes. A display from students in the Made by Me course, which focused on teaching students to appreciate the art of hand crafting, included a selection of wares made during the three-week class. Among the items students produce were natural cosmetics, woven goods like baskets and dreamcatchers, and edible delicacies that included sugar cookies and strawberry mochi. The Innovation Lab Field Academy prepared a documentary of their time together, delivered via virtual reality, to provide an inside look into the skills they learned throughout their coursework.

In addition to the exhibition, which will be open to the public for viewing through May 18, students shared their Field Academy experiences and reflections with their classmates in group presentations earlier in the week.