College Counseling Corner: You’ve Been Admitted. Now What?


Congratulations on reaching the end of the college admissions road! Accepting a college’s enrollment package may feel like the final step in a process that has consumed your junior and senior years, but your work is not yet done. Before putting up your feet and submitting to senioritis, complete these tasks for a successful end to your senior year.

Continue to do your best work.
One of the biggest misconceptions students have about senior year is that once college admission is secured, academic performance no longer matters. This is simply untrue; admissions offers are conditional, and colleges and universities often reserve the right to rescind offers made to students whose final transcripts show a significant decline in grades or who find themselves with serious disciplinary infractions. Put forth your best effort in class through graduation day. Until then, your admission is conditional.

Finish all of the forms.
Once you’ve accepted an admissions offer and sent in a deposit, begin the preliminary work of preparing for the upcoming year. You’ll likely need to complete housing preferences forms, student health and immunization records, class scheduling planners, and arrangements for orientation weekend. Finalizing these tasks as early as possible will give you the best chance at getting your first-choice options and ensure your peace of mind all summer long.

Notify your rejected colleges.
Ghosting is never polite: remember to share your intentions with the schools that you’ve chosen not to attend. Letting them know that you will not be attending frees the university to move forward by offering admission to a student on its waitlist.

Express your gratitude.
As you celebrate your admission, do not forgot to express your thanks to those whose help made it possible. Remember to communicate with those whose actions (e.g., penning your recommendations, editing your personal essays, helping to evaluate enrollment offers, or offering emotional support) have invested them in your journey. A simple “thank you” and letting them know what school you’ve chosen will show your appreciation for their involvement.

Stay in the moment.
The excitement of college may tempt you to focus only on what’s ahead, but remember to appreciate your remaining days of high school. Cherish these final weeks as a senior class, soak in the atmosphere of the campus that has served as your second home, and truly honor your high school career and the personal growth it has inspired in you.