Pre-Nursery Presents "Goldilocks and the Five Bears"


This week, pre-nursery students staged a musical production of Goldilocks and the Five Bears, marking the conclusion of their study of winter. Since December, the students have been exploring changes to the environment and animal life during the winter months. The play serves as an integrated project—synthesizing material learned from the Cultural History, World Languages, Science, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Wellness, and Performing Arts domains—and offers the students a chance to showcase what they’ve learned.

In preparation for the play, the students collaborated to create elaborate stage decorations that included a door to represent the home of the five bears as well as the costumes they wore on stage. Also on display were the Visual Arts projects created throughout the unit, including painted paper blue jays and cardinals the students made during a lesson on avian behavior during the winter months.

After performing for their Buddies in third grade, the pre-nursery students gave a final performance of the play for friends and family. At the end of the production, students welcomed spring by singing a song to awaken a collection of teddy bears who “hibernated” all winter in a cave the class made at the beginning of the season. To celebrate the passage of winter and the coming of spring, the students, teachers, and guests enjoyed a bear-themed tea party, complete with honeyed tea served from a bear-shaped pot and bear-shaped cookies and cakes.