Lower School Students Put Service Learning in Action


The Ross School motto, “Know Thyself in Order to Serve,” is deeply ingrained into the student experience. Service learning, or the experience of learning through helping others, is one of the ways students cultivate interpersonal skills, a sense of empathy, and an understanding of their ability to make a difference in the world around them.

Recently, the sixth grade class led a campuswide effort to combat local hunger issues by engaging in the Empty Bowls Project, a grassroots, crafts-based initiative to combat hunger and raise awareness of food insecurity. Their work, combined with the support of their peers and community members, resulted in the largest donation to the Bridgehampton Community Food Pantry ever made by children.

During a class visit last week, sixth grade student government president Keira F. ’24 presented the contribution to the organization’s representatives, Eileen Zito and Tom White. The Bridgehampton Community Food Pantry has been serving the East End’s food-insecure population since it was founded in 1975. On average, about 80 people a week receive meals through the organization. “There are people in need in our community, and your support is instrumental in helping them,” Tom said. “We thank you for your ingenuity.”

The students’ decision to take part in the program was inspired by seeing statistics about hunger on Long Island. “The lack of food in our community is very surprising,” said Sefton E. ’24. “We felt like we needed to act.”