Early Childhood Students Become First-Time Authors

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Students in pre-nursery, nursery, and pre-kindergarten are building a substantial library as a result of the Early Childhood program’s Author’s Workshop lesson, in which they develop, illustrate, and perform for their peers original stories. The weekly assignment instills in students an appreciation of literature, teaches them the value of storytelling as an art, and inspires them to share their unique ideas and perspectives with the world.

“This assignment is really student-led. We stay within the curriculum but give them the space to cultivate their own ideas,” said Beth.

Given only a blank sheet of paper and a variety of art supplies by instructors Beth Anderson and Ajiah Jones-King, the three- and four-year-old students begin by drawing out their stories. Each student then gets the opportunity to share his or her completed story with the entire class while the teacher transcribes it. Some of this year’s stories include Pizzas Can Do Anything, a tale about a delightful and multifunctional pepperoni pie; Fish out of Water, about a fish’s adventures on dry land; and The Boy Who Climbed the Flagpole, a story about overcoming obstacles. Each week, the teachers select stories to be featured on the classes’ Author’s Workshop board, where they can be enjoyed by everyone.