Ross Students Stage 12th Annual One-Act Plays


This week, the Ross community was treated to performances of the 12th annual Ross One-Act Plays:You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get.

The cast and crew included a diverse group of new and seasoned performers, including the debuts of cast members Frey W. ’23, an accomplished musician, actor, and singer, and senior Melissa I. ’18, among others. Featuring eight plays, the selections offered a wide range of comedic and dramatic performances. Audiences complimented the group on their authentic performances and skilled use of theater techniques.

“The cast and crew showed such dedication in bringing the production together,” Director Gerard Doyle said. “The cast found something new to flesh out in each of their characters, enhancing every scene. The crew adapted quickly to the demands of their positions, and all of the cast and crew did a great job.”

To view images from the One-Act Plays, please view our Flickr gallery.