Third Graders Take Science Class on the Road

FIELD DAY 140 (1 of 1)

Led by teacher Meghan Hillen and science teacher Joseph Lener, the third grade recently supplemented their classroom studies about the discovery of some of the first microorganisms to inhabit Earth with a hike at Bridgehampton’s Long Pond Greenbelt Preserve.

At Ross, third grade science focuses primarily on the evolution of life on Earth, from bacteria to mammals, delving into the ways that biological adaptation can impact the survival of future generations. In their current unit, Evolving Science, students are using research and investigative techniques to learn about early microorganisms and the environmental factors that helped them to thrive.

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The 600-acre Long Pond Greenbelt Preserve, which is protected by The Nature Conservatory and is home to as many as 38 rare species of plants, was the ideal location for the students’ field study. They learned to identify different types of moss, fungi, and lichens that grow in our geographical area; used microscopes to more closely view them; and learned about how geology and biology interact in dynamic, co-evolving systems.