Student-Athletes Honored with Fall Athletic Awards


On Monday, October 30, Ross School students assembled in the Great Hall to recognize their fellow classmates as they received athletic awards for their performances during the fall season.  Congratulations to all of our student-athletes!

The full listing of awards is below.

Varsity Sailing
Most Improved Sailor: Harry Kaya-Prager ’21

Varsity Surfing
Coaches Award: Cameron McAuliffe ’21
Heaviest Wipeout: Gabe Verde ’22
Hardest Charger: Leif Wood ’19

Boys Varsity Cross Country
Most Valuable Player: Enrique Pichardo ’19
Most Improved Player: Di Liu ’19
Coaches Award: Hanzhi Xu ’19

Girls Varsity Cross Country
Most Valuable Player: Elizabeth Cummings ’19
Most Improved Player: Chelsea Coard ’23 and Wai Wa Lam ’19
Coaches Award: Sarin Ye ’19

Most Valuable Player: Greer Costello ’21
Most Improved Player: Ayaka Nakasuji ’21
Coaches Award: Emma Tiedemann ’21 and Mendi Reed ’18

Varsity Girls Tennis
Most Valuable Player: Christina Stivala ’19
Most Improved Player: Jenna Kestan ’19
Coaches Award: Caroline Breitweiser ’18

Boys Soccer
Most Improved Player: George Rao ’20
Coaches Award: Han Jin ’21