Lower School Students Elect Student Government Representatives


Students at Ross Lower School exercised their civic duty recently, casting their ballots to elect the 2017–2018 representatives for student government.

“Sixth graders are the elder statesmen of this school,” said Performing Arts teacher Margaret Kestler, who helped the candidates prepare their speeches. “Because of their age, experience, and maturity, these students have developed a sense of responsibility and now hope to lead with all of our support.


In their campaign speeches, the candidates—most of whom began attending Ross as early as pre-kindergarten, spoke of their longtime desire to run for student government. The most popular campaign vows the candidates made were spending additional time with their grade-level buddies, offering a wider variety of international foods for meals, and working to reinstate a beach day that was widely enjoyed. Also echoed in multiple speeches was a vow to be more inclusive of others’ ideas. “I’m sure the sixth grade has great ideas, but we’re only 12 people out of 100,” said Sefton E. “We could really use your help.”

After conferring with their buddies, the student body ultimately elected Keira F. as president, Milo T. as vice president, Sefton E. as treasurer, and Delani B. as secretary. Congratulations on a well-run race!