Students Eagerly Anticipate Field Academy Courses

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Students and faculty have started looking ahead to the 2018 Field Academy term. During this three-week period between Winter and Spring terms, Middle and High School students and teachers work intensively on group projects and coursework both on campus and at sites throughout the world. Field Academy courses provide students with an opportunity to explore topics they are passionate about, and they often influence students’ future selections for Senior Project topics or secondary education.

Though the coursework begins in late February, this week the course options were revealed as students participated in an information fair in which they were given time to meet with the leaders of each course to discern which ones best suited them.

Among the on-campus courses students can choose from are a tennis intensive led by Ross School Tennis Academy, a West African Drumming workshop, and an Art and Identity workshop that explores contemporary art, as well as Innovation Lab, fitness, and consumer culture classes. An environmental science course covering climate change in coastal communities areas is a hybrid course, with one week spent in Florida in between two on-campus weeks.

Those seeking off-campus coursework can choose from options like cultural history exploration of Laos and Cambodia, journalism field study in Greece, documentary storytelling in Bali, service trips to South America or Zimbabwe, conservation and biodiversity in Costa Rica, and film studies in France and Iceland. Middle School students can also study Islamic and Bedouin cultural history in Morocco.

Final trip rosters will be determined October 30.