Lower School Students Visit Local Farm

Newsletter5-Field Trip Edition.pdf

Last week, students in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade visited Bridgehampton Open Minded Organics farm. The group enjoyed exploring the farm, learning about how mushrooms grow, and sampling the organic products prepared by the farmer, owner, and operator, Dave Falkowski.

The trip began with Farmer Dave leading the group on a tour of the farm’s facilities. He showed the students the farm’s greenhouses, mushroom growing rooms, and equipment used to harvest the organic produce. A highlight of the trip was when Farmer Dave let the students participate in the growing process by inviting them to pick ripened vegetables. The students picked a variety of lettuces, dinosaur kale, cherry tomatoes, and zucchini. They also explored the fragrant herb garden. Once they were done, the students tasted the fresh peppers and edible flowers.

Following the tour, Farmer Dave gave the students fresh organic blueberry preserves and pressed carrot and apple juice to sample. Then, the students worked together to create an original mural using recycled cardboard, paint, and some of their harvested vegetables and herbs as stamps.