Summer Surfers Take to the Waves

Term_Surfing_WW_7822 A highlight of Summer Term has been the Wellness Surfing elective. Along Mecox Beach, students have gained an appreciation of the power of the Atlantic Ocean. Instructors Matt and Orson Frisbie have been teaching the students fundamentals like paddling techniques, reading the waves, and water safety. Surfing, which offers a robust cardiovascular workout and strength-building exercise, is also credited with reducing stress and raising endorphins.

That’s certainly been the case for Brazilian student Norma Sousa, who says she loved being out on the water and enjoyed the time spent with other students. Norma enrolled in surfing with her twin brother because they rarely get the opportunity to visit the beach when at home. After six weeks of lessons, she says her surfing skills have improved significantly, and she looks forward to practicing them in the future.