Visual Arts Students Learn Patience is Key

Summer_Term_Visual_1952 Summer Term @Ross students are working with acrylic paint this week in their Art elective. In an effort to cultivate in the students a sense of patience necessary when working with paint, instructor Chaz Hollinger gave the students four days to create two paintings. Whereas it can be tempting for students to rush through their painting, giving them a longer lead time helped them to be familiar with fundamental processes like creating depth in a piece by layering paint.

The overall goal of the class is to give students a better understanding of the process of working with different art media, as well as teach fundamental knowledge and skills like color theory, creating depth, and working with geometric shapes.


In prior weeks, the students have spent time exploring perspective drawing and landscapes. “In landscapes, there’s an end goal to be reached,” Chaz said. “But in abstract paintings like these, part of the lesson is learning when to push through difficulties and when to set down your brush.” Chaz says he’s impressed by the diligence this group has shown, as well as the progress they’ve made.

“Art doesn’t happen overnight,” Chaz said. “Even in my own work, I’ve come to realize that patience is key.”