Students Complete Summer Term's First Session

Camp_Week_3_TB IMG_2699 This week marks the end of Summer Term’s first session, in which a number of international students enjoyed the opportunity to engage with peers in classes and weekend activities and learn new skills. The first three weeks of Summer Term were full of new experiences for the teens.


Shortly after the session began, Summer Term student celebrated America’s Independence Day by gathering for an introductory pool party at one of the Ross boarding houses. After an all-American cookout, the students paid a visit to Sag Harbor, where they spent time exploring the town’s shops, walked along the shore, and indulged in frozen yogurt from Buddha Berry.

Term_Week_1_TB IMG_2702

During the term, students looking to improve their English spent their mornings taking an English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) class, where they practiced speaking, comprehension, writing, and research skills. Afternoons were spent enjoying a selection of other courses, including Surfing, Culinary Arts, University Prep, and Innovation Lab @Ross.


Outside of class, the students pitted their skills against each other in the bowling lanes, visited a local water park, and enjoyed a day trip to New York City. They even partook in 7-11's Free Slurpee Day, mixing flavors to create their own concoctions.

IMG_2964 (1)

All in all, it was a fun and informative three weeks; everyone is looking forward to the start of Session Two next week!