Welcome to Summer Term 2017!

Camp_Week_2_TB_2070This weekend, 34 students from around the world arrived in East Hampton for the 2017 season of Summer Term @Ross. The students, who hail from Germany, Russia, France, Brazil, Vietnam, India, China, and Japan, as well as the United States, will spend the next six weeks pairing intensive academic coursework with fun and interactive electives. Among the course offerings this year are Marine Science, Mandarin Chinese, English for Speakers of Other Languages, Standardized Test Preparation, and Innovation Lab @Ross. The new students were welcomed warmly to their new houses, where they bonded with their new roommates and explored the community. After their first day of classes, the students in the boys’ boarding house watched a beautiful sunset from Bridgehampton’s The Bridge golf club. Students in the girls’ boarding house attended the final day of Southampton’s North Sea Fire Department Carnival, which ended in a spectacular fireworks display.

The students spent Independence Day together having a cookout and pool party, where there was plenty of fun and laughter. Later, the group met up for a few more hours of fun exploring the village of Sag Harbor.