Nursery Students Explore the Solar System

IMG_9903a On May 10, students in Ross School’s nursery class culminated their interdisciplinary unit on the Sun, Moon, and stars with a vibrant performance for their classmates and parents.

Through an integrated approach that combines literature, visual arts, science, music, and movement, students learned about the differing characteristics of the day and night sky, the changes that occur as day shifts to night, and how those changes affect the environment and our lives. Students also investigated the stars in the night sky, tracked the apparent passage of the Sun across the sky during the day, and observed the appearance of the Moon in each of its phases at night.


According to Early Childhood teacher Jamie Laggis, the students became so interested in the unit that they requested more time, which afforded them the chance to learn about the Solar System and the planets, as well as more about their connection to the Sun, Moon, and stars.

In preparation for the performance, the students collaborated to create a mural of the Solar System, which served as the play’s backdrop, as well as costume headpieces depicting each planet. During the play, each student performed an original song about their assigned celestial body, sharing the facts they learned throughout the unit.

Subsequently, the students answered audience questions about the unit and their performance.