Famed Children’s Author Visits Ross Lower School

IMG_9825 Alan Katz, the author of more than 30 children’s books, visited Ross Lower School as part of its celebration of National Poetry Month. During his presentation, the students joined Katz in a sing-along of original songs from his book, Take Me Out of the Bathtub.

Katz also shared with his young audience his lifelong journey to becoming an author and some of his key tools for success in writing and life. He instructed students to write what they know and shared that much of his own writing has been inspired by his wife—a Pulitzer Prize–nominated journalist—and their four children.

He also emphasized the value of daily practice and revision when working to improve at any skill. Katz says that he writes daily, and over the last year, he has filled more than 70 composition books. “Out of all of my books, my favorite is the blank one,” Katz said, holding up a green notebook. “Because I never know what I’ll write in it, but I know that I’ll have a great time doing it.”