Budding Authors at Ross Lower School

IMG_0480 Ross Lower School students were proud to participate in Hampton Library’s 25th annual Budding Authors program. Joining children from throughout the East End, students in first through sixth grade penned their own books for inclusion in the library’s exhibition.

Students in each grade level wrote books that corresponded to an academic unit they studied in class. The third grade practiced writing from a particular point of view after learning about the technique in their World Languages and Literature lessons. After reading Douglas Henderson’s Dinosaur Tree, they wrote journals from the tree’s point of view, describing its evolution from a seed into a fossil in Arizona’s Painted Desert. Fourth grade students contributed the migration journals they created during their Cultural History unit on Neolithic settlements. Fifth graders focused on one of Ross School’s Core Values and contributed books about mindfulness, each composing three original haikus. The sixth graders submitted their Phoenician Mariner Journals, part of an integrated project unifying themes from the Cultural History and World Languages and Literature domains.

The students celebrated their achievement at the Budding Authors reception on Thursday at Hampton Library in Bridgehampton.