Chef Kale Visits the Lower School

DSC_9835 Ross Lower School students enjoyed an energetic exploration of nutrition this week when Jasmine Eileen Coles visited to present The Tale of Chef Kale. In this interactive and informative show, Jasmine portrayed a magical little girl named Chef Kale, with hair made of kale, who teaches children about the value of nutritional eating.

While guiding students through her day of healthful eating, Kale shared with students the importance of eating alkalizing foods like bananas, which draw toxins from the body; how chewing thoroughly can aid digestion; and how our bodies absorb nutrients by taking an imaginary trip to “tummy town.”


The students were eager to assist Chef Kale in preparing a nutritious lunchtime dish of spiral zucchini noodles with a sauce containing avocado, cilantro, and lemon juice. The group also enjoyed a snack of all-natural kale chips following the performance.