College Counseling and Rising Seniors

DSC_0626 College admissions is a stressful process for students, and it can be even more difficult for international students looking to attend university in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, there are more 92,000 foreign-born secondary school students pursuing an education in America, and roughly 35% of those students are Chinese. As a boarding school with a robust international population, Ross School works hard to help both domestic and international students and their families navigate the admissions process.

Ross School’s College Counseling department advises students on the qualities that colleges and universities are looking for in their applicants: pupils who are well-rounded, intellectually curious, motivated toward achievement and determined to make a positive change in their environments. Colleges want to know not only what makes each applicant unique, but what positive attributes he or she can bring to the institution’s community.

University admissions counselors value is academic rigor. Ross School’s curriculum may be different from that of other schools, but the school counselors communicate with college admissions offices extensively to ensure that students’ transcripts are evaluated appropriately. As they progress throughout high school, students should strive to take a rigorous selection of classes. Scores on standardized tests, such as the SAT, ACT, and TOEFL, also play an important role in applicant evaluation.

Another way to showcase intellectual curiosity is by showing that a student has taken advantage of the educational opportunities Ross provides. A student's Field Academy, Modernity Projects, and Senior Projects all have the potential capture an admissions representative's interest, so use them wisely!

The personal essay could be considered the most valuable component of any admissions application. It is through the essay that students can give admissions representatives an insider’s perspective on who they are and who they hope to become. Ross students can use their applications essays to highlight some of the unique experiences they’ve participated in, as well as extracurricular activities like sports or theater.

Finally, students will need to obtain faculty recommendations. The familiarity Ross faculty have with their students is highly beneficial to college applications, as teachers get to know students well during their time here. The College Counseling department reminds students that they should leave plenty of time for faculty to write their recommendations.

There is admittedly a lot of work involved in planning for the next step in one's educational career, but Ross School's College Counseling department works hard to help students approach it with as little stress as possible.