Grade 5 Students Bring Spanish Culture and Language to the Stage

DSC_5239 On March 16, fifth grade students put on a performance for parents and fellow students, an integrated project that showcased the skills and content they are learning in Spanish, theater, cultural history, art, and music classes. The skit was based on the legend of San Jorge y el Dragón (St. George and the Dragon), a myth credited with providing the framework for contemporary fairy tales.

San Jorge is the patron saint of Catalonia, a region in Spain. According to the legend, San Jorge saved the life of a princess offered as a sacrifice to a dragon who was terrorizing a medieval village. A rose bush is said to have grown in the exact spot where the dragon was slain, and in honor of this, people give red roses to their loved ones on his feast day, April 23.


In addition to learning lines for the skit in their Spanish classes, students practiced during their music classes and fashioned their costumes, scenery, and props during art class. The students were also asked to consider how the legend of San Jorge y el Dragón exemplified Ross School’s Core Values of courage, cooperation, and gratitude.

Following the productions, the actors participated in a question-and-answer session with the audience.