Fourth Graders Conference with Archaeologist

IMG_7821 As they continue their exploration of Neolithic settlements, Ross fourth grade students got a firsthand perspective on what it’s like to delve into the lives of early humans when an archaeologist joined their science class over the Internet.

Victoria Jenkins, an archaeologist for global firm R. Christopher Goodwin & Associates, shared with students some of her favorite finds and gave them advice in preparation for their simulated excavation of an ancient settlement. “The students were overjoyed with the opportunity to speak with a real archaeologist,” said Jessica Stockton, the Lower School science teacher. “They treated her like a celebrity and asked her a number of great questions. We were grateful for the time she spent sharing her career with us.”

During their excavation, students carefully dug out artifacts and analyzed and cataloged their findings. The hands-on learning experience is a highlight of Ross School’s fourth grade integrated curriculum, combining lessons in science, art, cultural history, and literature into a meaningful and immensely engaging project.

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