On-Campus Field Academy Courses Provide Educational Experiences

IMG_20170309_100825 With Field Academy well under way, nearly 200 Ross students are traversing the globe, exploring alternative cultures and the global connections that unite us all. Still, the Ross campus remains as busy as ever, with many students taking on-campus courses devoted to the exploration of film, food, technology, and the cultivation of joy.

For students seeking a deep exploration of these topics, intensive programs like the History Through Film, Musical Theater Workshop, and Innovation Lab @Ross (iLab) Field Academy are just the ticket. In iLab, students are being treated to an introductory tour of the program’s technological capabilities, engaging in design thinking activities that challenge them to think broadly, and learning new skills like Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to build and maintain their own websites to chronicle their experiences. In the Musical Theater Workshop, taught by performing arts faculty members Gerard Doyle and Adam Judd, students traveled to New York City to view a Broadway production, inspiring students preparing for their own stage performance. The Melting Pot course, which examines cultural diversity through food, is also using New York City as their classroom, exploring its neighborhoods and the impact of immigrant influence.


The Nature Within and Without, Happiness Bootcamp, and Mindful Living courses, students all use different lenses to examine the relationship between personal wellness and a person’s social and natural environments. Students are learning to appreciate nature’s role in cultivating joy by hiking the trails at Noyac’s Elizabeth A. Morton Nature Preserve, the walking dunes of Amagansett, and Shelter Island’s Mashomack Preserve. They enjoyed the opportunity to feed birds by hand and bask in the rare sunshine of a late winter’s day. Mindful Living students are also rediscovering the joy of play, with trips to All-Star Bowling and Active Kidz indoor playground. In Happiness Bootcamp, students spread joy by performing thoughtful acts of kindness, such as presenting handwritten thank you notes and treats to faculty and staff.

To follow along with students during Field Academy, please visit ross.org/fieldacademy2017.