Field Academy Ready to Take the World by Storm

select_17 With the second trimester coming to a close, Ross School students are looking ahead to Field Academy, a three-week period during which students have a chance to travel, take intensive courses, or work on individual projects. Field Academy gives students an opportunity to engage in authentic learning experiences alongside mentors and scholars in classes held on-campus and around the world, applying real-world skills and gaining exposure to different cultures, peoples, and languages. They can then translate these experiences into service learning projects both at home and abroad, often leading to intensive analysis, new interests and passions, possible college/career paths, volunteer opportunities, and the impetus for Senior Project.

In previous sessions, students have collaborated with Smithsonian biologists in French Polynesia, studied the evolution of competitive sports in Greece, and explored ethnomusicology in Cuba. This year, they look forward to examining sustainability issues in various countries. While visiting exotic locations like Borneo, Fiji, and Hawaii, students will assist with conservation efforts in some of the world’s most biodiverse habitats, learning about ecological sustainability and cultural preservation. In Oman, Morocco, and on a driving tour of Western Europe, students will consider the value of historical landscapes, explore urban development over time, and hypothesize what artifacts the current generation will leave behind as its legacy.

To learn more about previous Field Academy courses, please click here. Follow Ross News for continuing coverage of Field Academy 2017 over the next few weeks!