“Class Warfare” for Good

31747427503_9c9722d64b_z Ross School students raised more than $800 for charity in five days during the school’s fourth annual Penny Wars drive, a Spirit Week fundraising initiative that pits grade levels against one another to serve a greater good.

Bins were placed outside the Ross Café for each grade level, as well as for teachers and administrators. The bins were used to collect both coins and dollar bills. The value of coins in a team’s bin positively impacted their overall score, while the value of any paper bills were subtracted. By the end of the week, the seventh grade had garnered the highest number of points, earning the honor of choosing which charity will receive the fundraiser’s proceeds.

According to Ed Gaias, the middle school math instructor who has run Penny Wars for the last two years, competition was fierce until the game’s final moments, with many teams employing what they hoped would be winning strategies.

Carol Crane, seventh grade team leader, says students will soon begin discussing which organizations they would like to donate the money to, and they intend to make a final decision by next Friday.