Middle School Building Gets a Facelift

DSC_4030 Classrooms in the Middle School Building (Building 4 on the Upper School campus) underwent a transformation at the start of this school year. The suites located in the building, which also include Innovation Lab @Ross and the wood shop, received upgrades that included new paint, flooring, renovated bathrooms, and new furniture. The result is a fresh design that is conducive to concentration and learning.


“We know from neuroscience research that not only do the aesthetics of these spaces influence how individuals’ brains function, they also influence how individuals feel and how they view their school,” said Jeanette Tyndall, head of the Lower and Middle School. “Physical space, lighting, and layout matter, because they all contribute to optimal learning.”

New artwork has also been installed, including pieces that are reflective of the sections of the Spiral Curriculum that middle school students study, such as the Golden Age of Islam.


The classroom of Eighth Grade Team Leader Mark Tompkins has been reconfigured to include a conversation space for students. “Classrooms are typically designed to give advantage to teachers, but the way this one is set up makes it more than a classroom: it’s become a place where students come to interact and debate,” he said. “There’s more of a level playing field for teachers and students.”