Reaching Toward a Greener Future

IMG_5135 Avid sailor Jared Goldsmith ’17 is using his Senior Project as a way to share his passion and educate his peers about this ancient and environmentally friendly pastime. In a tent beside the school’s metal shop at the far end of campus, Jared is in the process of constructing a Passagemaker classic sailing dinghy.

“I have always wanted my own sailboat,” Jared said. “Sailing is fun, and also eco-friendly compared to powering bigger yachts and motorboats.”

Jared began sailing when he moved to Sag Harbor as a seven-year-old. He attended a sailing camp and eventually accepted a job at the Sag Harbor Yacht Club, where he teaches sailing in the summer. Working at the yacht club has helped to prepare Jared for his Senior Project by teaching him to work with new materials like fiberglass and to repair damaged boats.

Jared's Passagemaker is being built of Okoume marine plywood stitched together with copper wire, trimmed in mahogany, and reinforced with fiberglass. Because there are no special molds or tools needed, as with glued hull shapes, this 90-pound boat is an ideal boat for first-time builders like him.


Still, Jared’s project has not been without challenge. This fall, he fractured his leg while playing basketball, which made maneuvering around his already tight workspace even more difficult. Additionally, winter weather has proven to be an obstacle. During a recent snowstorm, Jared had to travel to school three times to remove snow accumulating on the roof of the tent. The cold weather is also making it difficult for the fiberglass epoxy to set.

With Senior Project celebration nights next week, Jared expects to complete his project in time for Exhibition Night next Thursday.

The Ross School’s class of 2017 will be presenting their Senior Projects to the public from January 18–20. For a full schedule of events, please visit These events are free and open to the public.