Grade 2 Students End Solar System Unit with Big Bang


Ross School’s Grade 2 students ended their study of the Solar System with a creative assembly this week. The curricular theme for second grade is Systems, and students spend the year exploring classroom and community systems and the individual’s role within larger systems. In the beginning of the year, they evaluate the parts of the Solar System and learn that individuals belong to an interconnected universe made up of complex systems including many elements.

In keeping with Ross School’s integrated academics, every domain was engaged in teaching students about our planetary system. The students began by reading Born with a Bang: The Universe Tells Our Cosmic Story in Cultural History, which described the Sun, the planets that orbit it, and the story of how our universe came to exist. During Math, they learned to approximate the relative distance between planets as they participated in a planet walk that spanned from the campus’s Peace Garden to beyond the Field House.


In Science, the class examined simple electrical circuits to better understand the function of a system, and then they studied the natural systems that make Earth a livable planet. In Wellness, students played themed games like galaxy tag, and in Visual Arts, the class collaborated to paint a large mural representing the big bang.

The culmination of the unit was a Performing Arts piece showcasing all that they learned. The students played a team of astronauts called the ZoomKids, who travel more than 7 million miles through the entire solar system, with the students—each an expert in a planet—sharing facts.

To see video from the Grade 2 Solar System Presentation, please click here.