Lower School Students Elect Student Government Representatives

img_9744 While Americans were voting to elect the next president, Ross Lower School students exercised their civic duty by electing members of the LS Sixth Grade Executive Committee. The elections were designed as the culminating experience of the year’s Lower School civics curriculum, which coincided with the U.S. presidential election cycle.


At a special Election Day assembly, candidates presented campaign speeches detailing their experience and plans for the upcoming year. The platforms that resonated most with the students were increasing community service opportunities, adding rabbits to the on-campus farm, and diminishing the amount of homework given.

Students listened attentively to the candidates’ positions, taking notes on their ballots. “This is hard,” several students exclaimed between speeches.


Following the assembly, students cast their ballots in voting booths crafted by second grade students in art class. Upon making their selections, students received handmade “I Voted” stickers, crafted by first and sixth grade student buddies.

“I feel good about voting, because you feel like you made a difference in the world,” said Wesley H. “I feel like the president I’m voting for can really help us as a school. Also, you get these cool badges.”


The newly elected executive board was introduced to the student body at Friday’s Veterans Day assembly. The 2016 Lower School Executive Board members are Tucker S. for president, Toby L. for vice-president, Kieran O. for treasurer, and Chloe H. for secretary.