Student Athletes Honored for Fall Sports

dsc_3920 Athletes from Ross School’s fall athletics teams were honored during last week’s town hall meeting. Players from the golf, sailing, surfing, cross country, volleyball, girls tennis, and soccer teams were awarded for their dedication, passion, and improvement throughout the season.

“We improved a ton this fall as an entire group,” said Kevin Snyder, who coached girls tennis. “I am proud of how this team competed and how hard they worked to get better. No matter the score or situation, they never gave up.”

Mark Tompkins, one of the surfing team coaches said, “The staff at Flying Point Surf School [which administers Ross’s surf team] has said on a number of occasions that the Ross guys inspire them. . . .The surfers run off the bus no matter the conditions; they just charge it.”

The full awards listing is shown below:

Varsity Golf Most Valuable Player: João Coelho Coaches’ Award: Yansong (Steven) Zhang

Varsity Sailing Most Valuable Sailor: Wyeth Moyer Most Improved Sailor: Ollie Campbell Coaches’ Award: Seamus McCarthy

Varsity Surfing Coaches’ Award: Gabe Verde Heaviest Wipeout: Liam Murray Hardest Charger: Sophie Griffin

Boys Varsity Cross Country Most Valuable Player: Jacques Merl Most Improved Player: Di (Leo) Liu Coaches’ Award: Zhou (George) Rao

Girls Varsity Cross Country Most Valuable Player: Elizabeth Cummings Most Improved Player: Yao (Daisy) Ying Coaches’ Award: Caly Stewart

Volleyball Most Valuable Player: Ellie Damiecki Most Improved Player: Naomi Schormann Coaches’ Award: Mendi Reed

Varsity Girls Tennis Most Valuable Player: Rory Gallaher Most Improved Player: Xinyi (Linda) Liu Coaches’ Award: Leila Murphy

Boys Soccer Most Valuable Player: Rodrigo Ferraz Most Improved Player: Alex Deleva Coaches’ Award: Taito Shimizu