Class of 2017 Personalizes Senior Desks

fullsizerender_4 One of the most valued traditions for Ross School seniors, as they face an exciting and busy year, is claiming their senior desk in the Senior Building. Students look forward to having a place that they can call their own on campus as they work on everything from college applications to Senior Projects, long-term endeavors that, in many cases, define their time at Ross. They work diligently in and out of the classroom from the end of their junior year until the winter of their senior year, when they present their completed project to the school and community.

During the regular school day, students can be often found studying with one another or separately in their space. “I’ve been at Ross for six years, and my desk is definitely something I have thought about. I knew I wanted my senior desk to be upstairs, where it’s a little quieter, to do my work,” said Elizabeth Burdge ’17. During class periods dedicated to working on Senior Project, their mentors and teachers know exactly where to meet with them to guide them along in the process. Then, after the school day ends, the senior desks turn into a place students can come to catch up with their friends or get a jump on their homework for the night.


The much-anticipated distribution of senior desks is decided by a lottery system. The 20 students who had the best class attendance record in their junior year get to choose their desk locations first. “I was the 60th to choose so I was nervous about what desks were left,” said Anna Popova ’17. “I chose my desk because I wanted it to be a little secluded for studying and I wanted one with a cabinet to hold my books. It’s comfortable for me to do my homework here.”


The array of desks in the Senior Building appear as clusters of color, many decorated with pictures, stuffed animals, and of course, textbooks and school supplies. Seniors look forward to being able to personalize their study spaces with such décor as plants, fish bowls, and even water carbonation machines. “I’ve been thinking about having my own desk on campus for the past 10 years I have been at Ross,” said Michael Vanegas ’17. “I do my homework here, listen to music, and of course, work on my Senior Project. I also have a lot of snacks, so my desk is the place to be.”