Yoga and Movement Enhances Body and Mind

DSC_9086 Summer Term @Ross students taking Yoga and Movement are engaging their minds and bodies during the physical practice.

Each day, three groups of mostly ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) students—many with no yoga experience—end their instructional day with a one-hour yoga class with ESOL teacher Kristine Hart. A part-time yoga instructor as well as an academic-year ESOL teacher, Kristine is combining the two fields to maximize the value her students get from their time on the mat.In addition to its wellness benefits, the Yoga and Movement class provides a unique opportunity for the students to practice language skills like listening comprehension, following instructions, and building vocabulary. Moreover, Kristine implements yoga’s meditative aspects to give students tools to battle the challenges of everyday life.

DSC_8985“I hope that they can use [the things we learn] in their daily lives, so that when they’re stressed out they can remember what we did in class and practice one of the breathing techniques,” Kristine said.

She recalled seeing one of her students, who was nervous before taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), calming herself by using Alternate Nostril Breathing—one of the exercises she taught the students.

Kristine prepared a beginner’s Heart Opening sequence for Ross News readers. To practice the sequence at home, grab a mat and follow the flow listed below.

Beginners’ Heart Opening Sequence Click the links below for additional pose instructions.