Intensive Design Course Allows for Independent Exploration

IMG_2889 Students participating in the “Design and Invention” course of Summer Term @Ross are spending their first week working on 3D printing and 3D design projects. This three-week, intensive session of Innovation Lab @Ross is designed to give students the opportunity to learn new technology skills in a hands-on, project-based setting. Because the students enrolled in the program had some prior experience with 3D programs, they jumped to the next step of using Autodesk Fusion 360—a professional-level computer-aided design (CAD) tool—to create objects for 3D printing.


Innovation Lab Director Dr. David Morgan is mentoring the students enrolled in the course, and he is enthusiastic about what his students have achieved. “A lot of professional design tools have a pretty steep learning curve,” he notes. “The great thing about the structure of Summer Term is that it gives students large blocks of time—as much as five hours a day—to really immerse themselves in their projects. In just a few days, the summer students have accomplished what would take weeks to learn in a regular school-year elective class.”

In the remaining weeks of the program, students have the option of developing other skills in which they show an interest, working on projects including robotics, programming, or electronics projects using devices like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or any number of other tools available in the Innovation Lab.