Splashin’ Fashions at Ross Lower School

unnamed Last week, Ross nursery and prekindergarten students joined forces to perform an “Under the Sea” fashion show, dressing up as creatures they have been studying throughout their Oceans and Seashores curricular unit. Students have been learning about sea animals such as starfish, seahorses, sharks, dolphins, clams, lobsters, stingrays, octopi, and jellyfish, as well as their habitats, migration habits, physical characteristics, and similarities to and differences from other fish.


In casting sessions, each student was assigned a specific sea creature. Under the creative direction of their classroom teachers and Visual Arts teacher Nicole Berberena, they decorated their costumes and the backdrops for the show.


Each student had a special moment in the spotlight, walking the catwalk for spectators to admire his or her fashion and then pausing to present the creature’s distinctive qualities. The group closed the performance with an innovative rendition of “Down by the Bay.” The learning experience made a lasting impression on students and audience alike!